Get a free single GLOW pacifier with your order

Add the voucher "GLOW" at checkout and redeem your free GLOW pacifier

How to get a free GLOW pacifier with our order?

1. Pick the GLOW pacifier you want
(it must be a single pack, the voucher does not work with 2-packs)

2. Add the pacifier to your order

3. Use the code ‘GLOW’ at checkout

4. You will get the pacifier for free with your order

NB: The voucher applies to one pacifier per order and can only be used once per customer.

GLOW in the dark pacifiers

BIBS GLOW pacifiers make it easy for both parents and little ones to find the pacifiers in the dark and accommodates the frustration it can cause for parents to stand in the middle of the night - in total darkness - looking for the pacifier with a crying child. The night pacifiers help parents and babies to get a good night's sleep, as you do not have to turn on the light and wake up your baby when the pacifier is lost during the night.