Sleep and cuddle (8)

We are excited to reveal that we now enter a completely new category with textiles, as we launch our very own baby Cuddle Series.

BIBS Sleep and cuddle

The environmental-friendly option

Our Cuddle Cloth is made of 100% GOTS-Certified organic cotton - grown completely without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. GOTS means that the cotton does not contain any harmful chemicals, AZO paint, or genetically modified materials. When you choose GOTS, you protect your children who will inherit the earth.

Our Cuddle Cloth and Swaddle is made of 100% crinkled muslin - a soft and breathable fabric that is very delicate on a baby's skin but still durable. Muslin cloths are the most versatile fabric item.

Further, is our cloth pre-washed which means that it is 100% absorbable from first use and keeps on getting softer for each wash. Also, it is pre-shrunk making it true to size.