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  • Which type of pacifier should I choose?

    It's very important to choose a pacifier and nipple, that fits your child perfectly.
    Find our advice and knowledge regarding your choice in our Nipple guide >>

  • Which materials are used in your pacifiers and products?

    • The shields on all our pacifiers are made of 100% food-safe material (Polypropylene).
    • Completely FREE from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.
    • All our pacifiers are designed and manufactured in Denmark/EU.
    • Complies with the European Standard EN 1400+A2.
    • Our pacifier nipples come in both silicone and natural rubber latex.

    Read more about the difference between silicone and natural rubber latex and each materials properties >>

    Baby Bities & Loops

    • Our Baby bities and Loops are made of 100% food-safe material (Polypropylene).
    • Completely FREE from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.
    • Designed and manufactured in Denmark/EU.

  • How do I choose the right size for my baby?

    You can find answers regarding our sizes in our Size Guide >>

  • When should you replace your pacifier?

    We recommend a replacement every 4-6 weeks for both safety and hygienic reasons.
    But always carefully inspect the pacifier before each use.
    Pull the nipple in all directions. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.

    Read more about when and why you should replace the pacifier >>

  • My baby does not want the new pacifier that I bought.

    This could be caused by several things. It could be that you have used the old pacifier for too long.
    This is one of the reasons why you should replace the pacifier every 4-6 weeks to avoid changes which might occur over time.

    Read more about how and why natural rubber latex expands >>

  • Why is the nipple clear on one pacifier and foggy on another?

    Natural rubber latex is a natural material with many positive properties like softness, high bite endurance, and tensile strength.

    However, latex is subject to natural material fluctuations which can become noticeable through a different optical appearance.
    Therefore, the nipple can vary in clearness and color. The quality or product safety is not affected thereby.

    Read more about our natural rubber latex here>>


  • Is swaddling safe?

    The American Academy of
    Pediatrics (AAP) says that swaddling can encourage newborns to sleep better — if it’s done correctly and practiced in accordance with other safe sleep guidelines.

    Although swaddling comes
    with many great benefits, you need to make sure you're doing it right to avoid danger or discomfort for your baby.

    Follow these safety tips:
    • The swaddle should be snug, but not too tight. You should be able to place two to three fingers between your baby’s chest and the blanket, and the blanket
    should be loose around the hips so the baby can move its legs freely. Swaddling your baby too tightly may affect his or her mobility and development.
    • Also, the swaddle should not be too loose, so it unwraps during sleep and ends up cover the baby’s face.
    • Always lay your baby down on his or her back after swaddling.
    • Stop swaddling as soon as your baby can roll over on its own.
    • Never overdress your baby
    underneath the swaddle since it can lead to overheating.

  • When to stop swaddling?

    There is a time-limit to swaddling. When babies can roll over on their own you should stop swaddling.

  • Can all babies be swaddled?

    Not all babies like to be swaddled. Some seem to find swaddles restrictive and will try to fight their way out. If your baby is always trying to wriggle out of the swaddle, or cry when being swaddled you should stop swaddling. There’s no need to force your baby into a swaddle if he or she doesn’t like it.

Care and cleaning

  • How should I clean the pacifier and how often?

    You can find answers regarding how and how often you should clean the pacifiers in our Cleaning Guide >>

  • Why is my latex pacifier getting sticky on the surface?

    Natural rubber latex is a natural material and is affected by sunlight, high temperatures, and moisture which accelerates the aging process of the latex material.
    Therefore, the material changes its properties and can become brittle or sticky.
    Whenever you experience a change in the material, the pacifier must be replaced.

  • How long can I use a pacifier?

    It depends on how often it is in use, but we recommend a replacement every 4-6 weeks.
    Keep an eye out for any changes in the surface, changes in size and shape, or rupture in the material and replace the pacifier if you notice any differences.
    When your baby has teeth, make sure to pull the nipple in all directions before use and replace the pacifier at the first sign of damage or weakness.

    Do not use a pacifier that shows any changes in color or other irregularities. Because it is natural rubber latex, the nipple may expand over time.

    Read more about why and how often you should replace your pacifiers >>

  • Can I put my pacifiers in the dishwasher?

    The pacifiers should not be cleaned in the dishwasher as this may damage the material.
    Furthermore, most dishwashers do not reach temperatures high enough to sufficiently sterilize the pacifiers.

  • Can I use UV, microwave, or other sterilizers for my BIBS?

    We advise you not to use UV sterilizers for your latex pacifiers, as latex is a natural material and consequently undergoes a natural aging process, which can be influenced by external forces such as UV light.
    Therefore, never use a UV sterilizer for our BIBS latex pacifiers as it will damage the material.

    Regarding electric steam sterilizers we have not tested our pacifiers in all these different devices and cannot guarantee that the latex will not break due to the high temperatures.
    Therefore, we cannot recommend these for sterilization.

    Concerning microwave sterilization be aware that latex will break down if the temperature exceed 100°C.
    Silicone endure higher temperatures that latex, however our general recommendations are that to use microwave sterilizations you must check the manufacturer’s instructions in relation to heat and watts, to make sure the temperature does not exceed 100°C.
    In most microwaves the pacifiers must be heated for a maximum of 60 seconds at max. 800W. Otherwise temperatures will exceed 100°C.

    Remember to put the pacifiers in water in a sterilization box made for the purpose. Never place the pacifiers in the microwave without!

    Read more about how to sterilize your BIBS pacifiers >>

  • There is water inside the nipple after cleaning?

    After cleaning it is not unusual that water remains in the nipple.
    This is due to the fact that all our pacifier nipples are equipped with a valve, letting out air when the baby closes down on the nipple.
    This ventilation system causes the air from inside the nipple to be pushed out through the valve thereby flattening the nipple to shape naturally after the baby's oral cavity.

    The valve is also the reason why water can be present inside the nipple after cleaning and sterilization.
    If this is the case, simply just squeeze the nipple flat to press out the excess water. If water drops remain in the nipple, just let the pacifier air-dry.

  • Why does the pacifier make a sound when in use?

    Sometimes, when water remains in the nipple after sterilization it can cause a sound when the pacifier is used by your baby. There is no harm in a little water inside the nipple.

  • Can I freeze the pacifiers when my baby is teething?

    We would advise you not to freeze your pacifiers with or without water inside for two reasons:

    • Natural rubber latex nipples are not intended for that kind of use. Therefore, we cannot ensure that the material or the
    material properties stay the same after such treatment.

    • You should always avoid skin contact with frozen objects. Direct skin contact and even indirect skin contact with
    ice can cause skin injuries and frostbite.


  • What is the cost of delivery?

    We offer free shipping in EU if you buy for more than 40 €.

  • How long is the expected time of delivery?

    The delivery time will be different depending on country, but as a rule it is 6-10 working days from the placement of your order.

    Please be aware that your order can be affected by the current COVID-19 situation.

  • Which countries do you deliver to?

    We deliver to DK, EU, US, CA, AU.

    • Danish customers: dk.bibsworld.com
    • European customers: eu.bibsworld.com
    • US customers: us.bibsworld.com
    • Canadian customers: ca.bibsworld.com
    • Australian customers: au.bibsworld.com

  • Where can I track my order?

    As soon as your order is dispatched from our warehouse, we will send you an email with a confirmation.

    This email will contain a tracking number, that will be active when the courier tracks the first action on your order.

    To some areas we sent the orders as tracked letters. If your order is
    sent as a tracked letter, the tracking number will not show any movement.

Returns & refunds

  • How do I return my order?

    You can find further information on our return and refund policy here >>

    To be eligible for a refund, the product(s) must be in new or unused/unopened condition, with all the original product inserts and accessories.

    Kindly use the return label provided in the package and return the carefully wrapped items back to the same carrier that delivered your order.
    If you are missing a return label or are unsure of which carrier to employ, reach out to us on care@bibsworld.com.

  • How do I exchange products from my order?

    Kindly use the return label provided in the package and return the carefully wrapped items back to the same carrier that delivered your order.
    If you are missing a return label or are unsure of which carrier to employ, reach out to us on care@bibsworld.com.

    Kindly place a new order for the products you prefer.

    It is free of charge to return your products. However, the original shipping and handling fees, if any, will not be refunded.

  • Is the return free of charge?

    It is free of charge to return your products. However, the original shipping and handling fees, if any, will not be refunded.

    If you are returning your product due to damage, shortages or defect, the original shipping and handling charges, if any, will be refunded.

  • Why did I not receive a return label with my order?

    Please contact our customer service at care@bibsworld.com, if you did not receive a return label with your order.

  • When will I receive the money from my return order?

    The refund will be returned to the payment option used in the original transaction.
    Kindly allow 7-14 business days to process your refund upon receipt at our warehouse.

Changes to order

  • Can I make changes to my order?

    It is unfortunately not possible to change your order after you have placed it.
    Since we're working to deliver your order as fast as possible, we start the shipping process as soon as we receive the information about your order placement.

  • Is it possible to cancel my order?

    You retain the right to return an order within 14 days of receiving your order. It is possible to return an entire order or only part of it.

    If your order has already been shipped by the time you request a cancellation, a refund is still possible.
    Simply return the products using the provided return label and we will refund the order once it arrives at our warehouse again if it is eligible for a refund.

  • Can I change wrong contact information?

    If you have typed in wrong information regarding the shipment information reach out to our customer service at care@bibsworld.com as fast as possible.


  • Which types of payment can I use?

    We accept all credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro credit and debit card.

  • When is my payment deducted?

    We will authorize your card after the placement of your order, and you will receive an order confirmation by email. Payment will be taken when your order is shipped from our warehouse.

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